*NOTICE: Content posted during lockdown are from archives before the current COVID-19 quarantine went into effect. Please enjoy!
Original visit date: February 29th, 2020

It’s been warming up in San Diego after some bouts of rain the past couple of months (not that I’m complaining about gloomy weather!) and I’ve made a resolution to rekindle lost friendships. I have a group of girls that were my go to friends from middle school all the way through college, but for the past 2-3 years I absolutely gave up on maintaining friendships across the board. As more time went on I found myself not having a single contact I felt comfortable enough to even just say hello to. I decided then that 2020 would be the year of rekindling friendships and glowing up in all aspects of myself!

Now that you’ve got some back story lol, I met up with these awesome ladies for a Saturday brunch date! One of my friends reserved a table at the King and Queen Cantina. Little did I know she hadn’t been here either so all of us were walking in blind, but hey, that’s how you discover new places, right? Right off the bat you’re thinking “okay, this place is HELLA trendy.” It sits on a corner street in Little Italy, 2 stories with an open layout with large panel windows, typical for downtown San Diego spots, and pays serious homage to Mexican culture and Dia De Los Muertos. specifically My first thoughts: super cute, super trendy.

We were seated upstairs near a large window that had a great overview of the sunny downtown streets and weather. The menu I will admit isn’t terribly large, which could be a good thing as to not make things too overwhelming. Naturally, I immediately checked out the drinks and ordered their mimosa flights!

Yaaaa’lll, this was too cute! First off, they come in these mini goblets on a tray and they had some unique flavors I was pretty psyched to try:

  • Watermelon
  • Tamarindo
  • Mango
  • Pomegranate
  • Cucumber

The tamarindo mimosa was SUPER YUMMY. Tangy and sweet, definitely a flavor I would’ve ordered again. My least favorite would have to be the one I was most excited for, the cucumber. It looked so refreshing and I’m someone that doesn’t mind pulp, especially if it adds to the overall flavor. I gotta say, it wasn’t an exciting drink. Yes, it tasted like cucumber, but it was as if that was the only ingredient, blended cucumber. I couldn’t even really taste the champagne. However overall, I’d say the flight is a great option, I enjoyed all of the flavors for what it was and if you’re sharing it with others, it’s a good amount to pass around despite the mini glasses. It costs $25 for the flight, but a friend was generous enough to pay half of it since she and I were drinking it the most.

*Fun note: Another friend also ordered a margarita flight and it was the exact same flight as mine except margarita form lol! Her's were basically a dressed up version of the mimosa flights! Now that I think about it I lowkey wouldn't have minded some cute garnishes too!

Since we were there for brunch our options were Mexican style breakfast dishes and various omelettes. Most of it was savory, which isn’t an issue but good to note if you’re expecting something for your sweet tooth! I decided to go with something a bit more hearty, a short rib wet burrito :O

I know what you’re thinking, “that’s a FAT BURRITO!” And yes that’s absolutely true, BUT was it the biggest burrito I’ve eaten? Ehhhh…..hard no. Maybe I’m biased, I’d like to think growing up in predominately Mexican-American communities, I can tell the difference between authentic and inauthentic Mexican food. With that said, the food here, albeit yummy, is not the best Mexican food I’ve had. Hey, it’s an extremely tough category to specialize in if you’re in San Diego, but will I say it’s not worth trying, not at all! The wet burrito was seasoned well, wasn’t too soggy, had a good amount of meat, and was an extremely filling meal.

The downer here, price for sure! Just like anybody who is a true San Diegan, I have my go-to shops for Mexican food with fair to downright inexpensive prices. For this single burrito it was a whopping $18! I buy burritos for around $6-8 that tastes just as good as this. Quite honestly, you’re mostly paying for the location and ambience of this place. Yes, I can get a burrito for cheap but of course it’s going to be at a local shop that won’t look too fancy. King & Queen however, is a well decorated restaurant with music and bars, so you pick and choose your battles here. Also, it’s Little Italy, almost anything here can be overpriced and no one will think twice.

Final thoughts…

I think it’s a great spot to eat at if you’re looking for something a little more bougie but still laid back. I don’t know if I’d come back here for breakfast foods per say, but I probably would recommend it to others if they’re searching for something in this specific area craving Mexican food. I definitely would bring out of town family here just based off of its location. It’s near a parking structure and only a hop, skip and a jump away from the main street of Little Italy where there are dozens of dessert shops and a farmer’s market (hint hint for a future post lol). I will say this, we came during brunch, so maybe their peak is happy hours and evenings, so I wouldn’t put it past me if I decided to stop in to see how their dinner and drinks are!

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